askaynak lincoln materijali za zavarivanje

Internal Trading - Welding

Our core activity is the welding materials sale. They include all types of electrodes (from the electrodes for locksmiths works to the high quality aluminium welding electrodes, rustproof INOX steel, high quality materials, brass, coloured steel, fireproof steel, etc.).

Our offer contains the products of the following manufacturers:

Aside from the electrodes in the welding program we can as well offer:

  • All sorts of wires for welding (argonic in the protective gas CO2, autogenic, Ms wires for welding, filled wires for welding, etc.),
  • Graphite electrodes,
  • Wolfram electrodes,
  • Machines for electric and gas welding, as well as the entire range of accessories.

As you can see, we included the complete scale of welding materials. And that is not all. We are able to offer you some expert assistance through our cooperatives in order to solve the problems related to this area.

In short: Contact us, we shall assist you WITH ALL OUR STRENGTH!

Internal trading - cutting and grinding materials

As for abrasive plates, cutting plates and grinding stones, we can supply you with all products dimensions. The products we offer include the ones manufactured in:

Internal trading - Tools

We also offer a wide range of hand and electric tools manufactured by:


  • unior"Unior" - Zrece (Slovenia).


  • bosch"Bosch",
  • ryobi"Ryobi",
  • makita"Makita" and others.

Internal trading - Miscellaneous

The offer of the materials belonging to the so-called secondary (additional) activities of our company mostly consists of the following:

  • 114 branch of metallurgy (drawn steel, rolled steel etc…)
  • Profiles and pipes,
  • Electro equipment,
  • Antifriction bearings,
  • Other.

Foreign trading

As we have already mentioned, aside from the internal trade, we also have significant experience in foreign trading. During the 1990's we imported the hand tools from Italy and Germany.

Cooperation with manufacturer "Valex profesional" from Italy.

Cooperation with "HOFFMANN SCHLAGE", manufacturer of "FORMAT" tools, from Germany.

The distribution and presentation of the mentioned products in our market proved to be very good and promising. Unfortunately the economic crisis in this market impeded further development.

The reestablishment of contacts with foreign partners and more sophisticated treatment of this review are our principle task in the next period.

For further information consult our offer and/or contact us directly at idas@sezampro.rs.